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We are very excited to announce that…

We now offer you the ultimate all-in-one app!

Have you ever wanted to just have the ability to sell anywhere you want? Now you can!

Add multiple marketplaces to our award-winning Syn Skroutz XML!
Or any marketplace you want
All together with your existing XML feed!!       SIMPLY WOW!!!

Customize your Skroutz XML for any global marketplace as well as niche markets specialized for your products and go international!

Sell in multiple channels and also customize your Skroutz XML feeds with more new options.

Expand and Take your business to the next level!

Generate more sales
Empower your brand
Stand out from the competition
Increase customer loyalty
Expand globally

Additional new Skroutz XML Customize Options

  • Category Tree: Match product types to category paths.
  • Exclude certain products from the XML feed
  • Specific collection: Include products from a specific collection.
  • Custom domain: Change your product URLs.
  • Separate Variants: Group & separate product variants (based on size, color, material etc.).
  • Add color and/or size to product title.
  • Map your options: If your products have various names (for color, size, material), you can use this to match all the names that correspond to each option.
  • Tag options: Alter product properties & add new tag-based ones (i.e. delivery time/availability, image URL, product URL, product title, product price).
  • Add a compare at_price field to every product.
  • Exclude out of stock products

You want extra custom options for your XML feed? We can build anything you want!
Tell us your request!

Skyrocket your business!
Reach more, Sell more, Be more!

SYN - The ultimate application for multiple marketplaces!