Do you wish to connect your e-shop to every marketplace & seller in the world the simplest way possible?

This is what exactly what Syn does. It provides connections between the shop owners, suppliers, vendors, whole sellers, and the marketplace, by linking them all together under an unifying ecosystem.

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Syn : add or to bring something together

(Ancient Greek)

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Add your products and then sell them anywhere you wish! Our team of experienced professionals has developed an ecosystem of integrations helping sellers to expand their footprint while maximizing their turnover, in the most efficient and convenient way.
Being in the ecommerce universe since 2009, building and promoting massive e-shops for the global market, we were asked by our clients to develop top notch integrations for certain marketplaces.
Shop owners couldn’t just find something simple enough to integrate their e-shop with marketplaces facing overwhelming technical obstacles. We provided the market with a solution starting with the award winning Skroutz XML application, launched in 2019, used today by over thousands of loyal e-shops.
Instead of a tailor made solution we went a step ahead offering to the whole community an application they can use for free.
And they loved it! This was the beginning of our journey that led us here today introducing you to SYN. Syn provides thousands of integrations connecting sellers with numerous marketplaces worldwide.
Our integrations are extremely efficient as they automatically processes and builds your product feed. The Syn applications increases your revenues and your store traffic due to its wide reach to potential customers.
Syn is a simple & no frills solution for connecting and increasing sales!
Syn will not only connect you to well-known large horizontal market places, but also be able to connect your store to various other niche markets worldwide. You can select various type of markets as per your requirement.
Syn application will continue to update your product feed whenever you add new products or make changes. So in other words "Easily create your own personal Super Marketplace!"

Interested in a new integration?

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