• What is Syn?

    Syn is a very easy-to-use, customer-derived set of applications that connects your business & e-shops automatically to Marketplaces and other sellers Globally.

  • Is it really for free?

    We aim to provide our basic integrations, with no charge to every shop owner in the world.

  • Do you offer customizations?

    Our experienced team of professionals can bring tailor-made solutions to any problem you may face. Just contact us.

  • Can we suggest integrations to new marketplaces?

    Yes. Of course you can.

  • Is Syn one application or many?

    Syn is one ecosystem of applications. Although all the Syn applications deal with integrations, we have to create a specific Syn application for linking each marketplace separately, due to every marketplace being technically different.

  • Do we have to download each Syn application for different marketplaces, separately?

    Yes. It is better for you to download each Syn integration separately, so that you can choose your own integrations.

  • We are also working on a Syn monitoring system that can be downloaded soon.

    In the meantime, we have various solutions available to make things more efficient for you. Just contact us for our solutions.

  • How can we reach you?

    In any shape and form of communication you prefer. You can use the chat at the bottom of the page, email us at [email protected], text, or just come by and have a coffee with us.

  • Do you have limitations for the amount of integrations?

    You can choose as many integrations you wish.

  • What are some of the other features you can add with customizations?

    We can add many features as long as it improves your user experience. Just let us know.

  • Do you work internationally?

    Yes. Of course, the main aim of Syn is to connect all its users globally.

  • Do you have any tutorials?

    Syn has a very easy learning curve. Just check out our video…

  • Are you also providing whole seller and drop shipping market integrations?

    We have started with integrations to marketplaces globally and we are gradually adding drop shipping and whole seller markets. Send us your email so that we can keep you updated.

  • Do you provide any SEO features in Syn?

    The wide reach of Syn already provides for easier search hits in different territories. We are also gradually working to develop some SEO feature and will keep you updated, so send us your email...

  • Do you provide updates?

    Yes. You will be notified automatically!

  • Do you recommend any specific marketplaces?

    We do not favor any marketplace, but all our marketplaces have been picked due to their high success rates. It is not up to us. It is up to you to try Syn and decide what works better for you.

  • What is the difference between Syn and other marketplace integrations applications?

    Syn is an easier to use and no frills application. It has been adopted for all managers and owners of shops who do not possess any technical skills.

  • What is the advantage of Syn ?

    Connect everywhere hassle-free with a single dedicated ecosystem of applications and make your operations simple and efficient. Streamline your marketing strategy. Our simple features will provide you all that you require to increase sale and become successful. With Syn you are actually bringing the entire world to your fingertips!

  • What is so special about Syn?

    The Syn ecosystem can easily connect you not only to the large, well-known, regular marketplaces, but to various other niche marketplaces out there. We can also add your recommendations! Just let us know.

  • Other advantages with Syn?

    Create customizations that can be adopted to all your integrations all together for even higher efficiency and cost savings. Our expert team is at your service. Simply contact us here...


Interested in a new integration?

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