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Our Shopify application Skroutz XML Feed helps merchants create a universally supported XML file, that matches the requirements of most international marketplaces and price comparison sites. It also provides a seamless experience of "install & build" directly, without the need for any adjustments and setups.

This is because the app was built around the XML requirements of the Skroutz marketplace, exactly because its format conforms to so many other similar product websites.

However, many merchants often ask for custom XML feeds, that are appropriate for specific marketplaces they want to publish their products to. The Premium version does a lot to help a merchant customize their Skroutz XML to their needs, but it still follows some basic rules and field name conventions.

The SYN apps team is more than able to help you produce a custom-made XML feed for the marketplace of your choice (Google, Pinterest, Facebook, eMAG, Shopflix etc.).

Simply send us a request on [email protected] or through our contact page, and a member of our team will contact you shortly with a proposal.