About us

SYN, a software agency located in Greece, managed to grow big through innovative perception & actions. During a span of many years, our team’s hard work and creativity has resulted in a number of national and international awards and a wide range of clientele from Greek SMEs and Start Ups to big international brands.

From great ecommerce solutions and top-notch tailored sites to disruptive digital campaigns and cutting-edge applications, we have done it all and continue doing it!

We welcome the online community to link together with Syn and join our ongoing global journey.

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Syn = Connect + Add = Success


Our values

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We believe that creating and idea generating is simple. The best, ground breaking ideas, started out as problems. All we have to do, is deconstruct them and then re-construct them as an efficient, clever solution. We like to interact closely with customers and hand in hand strive for excellence. Integrity, loyalty and fellowship defines us. Forging strong, lifetime business relationships is what we work for.

Let’s make things simpler,  let's grow together and let’s bring change for the better. Try Syn!

plus Integrity
plus Credibility
plus Respect
plus Trust
plus Engagement
plus Fellowship
plus Creativity

Mission & Vision

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In cooperation with our customers, and midst various trials and errors we have successfully provided a simple solution for Shopify based e-shops, to link and connect to marketplaces in Greece, since 2019, that has bought them tremendous growth. We started with Skroutz.gr and upon customer requests we added other marketplaces such as added Glami & Linkwise.
Our initial success and positive feedback has led us to forge new partnerships to expand our ecosystem globally as Syn, in order to provide our simple solution to link all e-shops and sellers with types of different market places globally.
The journey has just only began. Syn is progressing to become a integration ecosystem. We are now working towards not only linking e-shops with market places, but also with wholesalers. Syn applications will link marketplaces, sellers and vendors all together under one ecosystem, where business will be able to import as well export its products.
Our main objective is to increase your connectivity & increase your visibility, thereby increasing your sales. Although, we are currently expanding the ecosystem, we gradually plan to integrate simple SEO features into Syn as well. Syn ecosystem will thus enable even greater visibility and additional chance for buyers to catch your products with search optimization. If simplicity allows it, and if users request, then we may also eventually enable marketing and advertising features.
With close support and feedback we plan to grow steadily together with our users and form a symbiotic relationship where Syn may be the easy and one for all ecosystem for increasing sales.

Interested in a new integration?

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